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Road Trip/Vegan Donut Tour - Canada

Road Trip/Vegan Donut Tour - Canada

The next stop on the road trip was Toronto! Toronto was by far my favorite part of the trip. I absolutely loved the city and it is now my dream city to live in. In addition to just being a general road trip, we also dubbed this the Vegan Donut Tour. Our goal was to eat as many vegan donuts as possible and Canada definitely delivered!

We crossed the border at Niagara and after seeing the falls, riding the boat and getting soaked, we headed to St. Catherines to check out Beechwood Doughnuts. We had heard great things about them and honestly, it was twenty times better than we could have even imagined. They were quite honestly the BEST donuts I have ever had. We have seriously considered making a weekend trip back up there (all 12 hours of that drive) just to get more. Someone on Instagram told me they freeze well ๐Ÿ˜‰.  Anyway, I could not recommend them highly enough and if you're in the Niagara or Toronto area, or hell, anywhere on the East Coast, it is worth a drive to go try them. 

Once we got into Toronto there was a ton more delicious vegan food to be had!

What we ate in Toronto: 

Doomies - This was our first stop in Toronto. Vegan junk food that is to die for. We started with their Mac and Cheese bites to share and then I got there Big Mac and Animal Fries, while Drew got their Chicken Parm and Siracha Fries. They were SO GOOD. Plus they have hilarious vegan-related comics all over the downstairs and back hall of the restaurant that are great for a good laugh. I will say though, while I loved the food, we were regretting it the next day! We've gotten out of the habit of eating greasy fast food all the time and this was a bit of a shock to our system. We woke up craving whole foods!

Fresh on Crawford - Healthy, wholesome, delicious meals. Just what we needed after Doomies! They have a great selection of healthy bowls and salads. 

Bloomers - The service at this place was not great. We were there for over an hour and a half just to get a simple lunch, and they brought Drew's food out way before mine. They didn't even come back to apologize and explain where my food was for about 15 minutes after they dropped his off. The waitress explained that the kitchen had somehow gotten the ticket mixed up and offered us a free pastry to make up for it. We, of course, took the opportunity to try yet another vegan donut. The donut was pretty good, though it was afternoon and they had obviously been made in the morning. All of that being said, the actual meals were pretty good. I got a cobb salad that was delicious and Drew had the wakame bowl, they were both delicious. Plus, we split an order of the vegan poutine! The cheese sauce was absolutely delicious, my only note would be that the gravy had a light, chicken gravy sort of taste as opposed to the darker gravy that I've typically seen on poutine. I am, of course, no poutine expert though. 

Apiecalypse Now - We went there for dinner 3 of the 6 nights that we were in Toronto. It was that good. I was expecting the fantastic selection of pizzas based on what I'd heard but was not expecting such a great selection of donuts as well! Their donuts were to die for. We had a number of different pies there, check the gallery below for pizza porn.

Through Being Cool - Another stop on the donut tour. Honestly, these donuts were just okay. Certainly not bad, but I was expecting more from a dedicated bakery. Apiecalypse Now had better donuts. 

Bunners - Another vegan bakery. We actually didn't get the donuts here (I know, shocking) but instead had an incredible cinnamon roll. The other major benefit of this place is that on top of being vegan, everything is gluten-free!

Cosmic Treats - Delicious Ice Cream in Kensington Market. They also have a full lunch and dinner menu filled with things like Dorito encrusted tofu and Jalapeรฑo poppers! We only had room for the ice cream but definitely want to try the full menu next time we visit. 


These are just the places that we ate while roaming around the city, it doesn't even include all the delicious food we had at the Vegan Food Fest! I have another post on that for all the juicy deets. Overall though Toronto was an absolutely amazing city with incredible food. Previously the best vegan city I'd been in was San Francisco, but this place puts SF to shame with all of its incredible vegan options. If you haven't been to Toronto, I definitely recommend you schedule a trip!


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